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What To Do At Sea-Tac Airport: A Complete Guide

If you are living in or around Seattle, chances are you will fly in or out of Sea-Tac airport at least once in several years. Either way, you will look for ideas or things to do to kill time waiting for your flight. Luckily, Sea-Tac airport has plenty of options if you are bored of scrabbling on your laptop or phone.

You may also want to know about airport parking, lounges, restaurants, shopping, to and from airport transportation and much more ideas to utilize your time. Here, our Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) guide covers all essential information to help you navigate through easily.

About SEA

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, or also known as Sea-Tac, is one of the top-15 busiest business airports in the USA. It is located at a distance of 12 miles south of Seattle and is a hub for Alaska Airlines, The Horizon, and an international gateway for Delta.

The Sea-Tac airport has a single central building that features four connected concourses and two satellite terminals. You can travel to the airport by a nearby rail system or by shuttles that run between the airport and Sea-Tac Rental Car Facility.

For security purpose, the airport is fully-equipped with CLEAR lanes. Plus, complimentary Wi-Fi is installed throughout the airport.


You can easily grab the best dining options at Central terminal’s food court and Settle restaurants, like Ivar’s Fish Bar. In the Central Terminal building, Anthony’s restaurant and Fish Bar offer a wide array of seafood. The latest venue is Beecher’s award-winning cheese shop known for Mac & Cheese and grilled cheese.

Other restaurants are Dish D’Lish for appetizing salad bowls and sandwich, Maki of Japan and Africa Lounge for traditional pub fare. You can also access nearby restaurants such as 24-hour diner and 13 coins, located at a short walking distance from the airport.


Stop by at Anthony’s Restaurant and Fish Bar to enjoy their signature Bloody Mary which comes topped with large shrimp will let you go crazy over it. Africa Lounge and Vino Volo at Central Terminal cater to beer lovers with their amazing beer selection.

To Do 

The art collection of Sea-Tac lets the travelers take their own self-guided art walk throughout the airport with the help of STQRY mobile app. Perhaps a fascinating element at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is its Experience the City of Music Program that features live music on seven days a week throughout the terminals.

Along with local shops like Seattle Hats and Seattle Chocolates, there is also a Massage Bar at Concourse C that indulges the traveler in the joy of relaxation with its foot and seated chair massage for 15 minutes or more.

Airport Lounges

Several airlines include lounges at Sea-Tac, especially Alaska Airlines Board Room in Concourse D and Delta Sky Club at South Satellite and United Club in Concourse A. Attracting more flights and airport lounges to serve passengers, Sea-Talc make a great place to relax.